Wearing Hats With Style


Hats have become a fashion which were used only for necessity originally. Over a period of years, hats have become symbols of style. Some people use best snapback hats with skill while others intensify their attractive look with them. The right hat and the manner of wear it can make the difference. Learn how to wear a hat with confidence and be free from possible fashion faux pas:

Shape and color. On no account, choose a hat that does not match or complement the shape of your face or the color of your skin. For example, if you shape of face is quite long, it is not advisable to wear a tall hat because it would further enhance the length of your face. As for colors, find a hat that goes with your skin tone, for example, when you have reddish cheeks, wear brown hats.

Should you try to match the hat to the clothes? It may not always be cool to match the hat with the clothes. Think about the textures and fabrics as well as just the color – putting a leather hat with a leather jacket is not a cool combination.

Match your outfits as per the need of the season. Wearing a sunhat during winter will make you look odd. This outfit can really make you look funny. Try to match the hat to the season, not only because it is convenient, but also to protect your personal image. No one wants to be a walking fashion disaster!

Match occasions with your hats. Think about an appropriate hat for the occasion or event you are attending. It may sound obvious, but be careful not to wear a tall hat to the movies, say, or a sun hat for an indoor event.

Always wear a hat that fits you well. Hats should be bought keeping in view they don’t fall off every time you tilt your head! If you have lines on your head after wearing a hat, that means you are wearing a hat that is way too tight. A hat that does not fit well on your head will be obvious to others and will not be a good look.

Styling of hair with a hat will give you a new look. The main rule here is to wear your hair just as you do when not wearing a hat. Leave some bangs showing in front if you are wearing a knit hat. If you are trying a beret, set it back a little from your forehead.

Don’t buy retro hats! Do not sport old fashioned hats – there was a good reason that they went out of fashion! It’s merely due to the fact that they are no longer appealing – so stay away from this type of hat.

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