Top 5 App Retention Tips in PhoneGap App Development


According to Brain and Company, a 10% increase in the customer satisfaction level pushes the overall value of the company by 30% and, it won’t be an exaggeration to say, in today’s connected era, mobility solution has a key role to play in driving the customer satisfaction perception. Catering to mobile consumers requires prudential investment in mobile app development services. Users today don’t get satiated by any substandard experience; they want the best from their apps.

While there is no dearth of frameworks pertaining to mobile app development, PhoneGap stands out from the crowd owing to its capability to impart human touch to the digital technology. PhoneGap, also sometimes referred to as Apache Cordova, presents a rich set of resources to allow app designers and developers to build cognitive apps that can seamlessly connect with the users. This article unveils top 5 user satisfaction tips to follow in PhoneGap app development.

1. Give More Muscles to Your Apps

Generally, users make use of only 25% of the apps they have. The more you empower your user, the more you add to the shelf life of your app.

There are multiple reasons for an app being ignored or rejected and one of them is the availability of a better option. According to trusted firms like comScore or Flurry tracking customer experience across different mobile platforms, 18% of users abandon an app Mobile Application Development when they find a better option. Fortunately, PhoneGap houses a rich set of APIs to allow an app to extensively use the device’s capabilities like address book, accelerometer, camera and so forth.

2. Connect with Users

Around 23% of users skip using an app after the first use. Strike a chord to connect with the users. The number of such users has spiked since 2015.

Users prefer to engage with an app when it gives them the real-world experience. Designers should focus on using more real objects in their apps than cliched items like buttons and menus. Animation and sound can also add to the user experience. However, you need to think of the psychology of the target audience before including such items.

3. Deliver Native Experience

Users don’t have to do anything with what framework a developer has used. For him or her, the only thing that matters is the experience.

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry so on and so forth, your app users are everywhere. But they have different taste and interests. Based on the device operating system, delivering the right experience matters a lot. A PhoneGap app developer should focus on using the maximum of native attributes while targeting a device platform. Luckily, Cordova Build offered by Adobe is there to ease the PhoneGap app development process. It compiles the coding, i.e. turning the high-level language to machine level language, automatically for the developers based on the requirement of the target platform.

4. Deliver Speed

Only 16% of users give an app more than two attempts if it failed to work flawlessly on the first go.

Perhaps, whether you are the owner of the app or developer responsible for building it, you need to deliver an incredibly fast app that waits for nothing. Hence, a PhoneGap app developer should try to optimize the code as much as possible. Thankfully, PhoneGap has a wonderful debugger to take out the unwanted or obsolete code and leave what is required. The rest of the job is performed well by Cordova Build to ensure that users have an optimized app to use.

5. Offline Support

Around one-fourth of users would like to have an app with offline mode. They would also love to customize the mode settings to save data consumption

Mobile is pervasive and so should be your app. Try to entertain your users with the maximum information or service that you can do despite they go offline. Make use of Cordova Network/Connection plugin to make it a certainty. It can identify the connection type and handle online and offline data efficiently.

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