The Belief That Goes With the Gemstones


We cannot deny the fact that gemstones are so alluring that most of the people want to wear it especially the women. It is because has a natural beauty which can enhance the appearance of a person. The wearing of gemstones can be traced back to the times where early civilization started. In Egypt, gemstones would make a great present for the wife of the Pharaoh; in China, it would be the best thing to trade with anything; in Africa, it is believed to provide spiritual powers to a person who wears it; today, they are simply paraphernalia for beautification.

The point is, gemstones are worn because people are easily charmed upon seeing something that glitters or something which is unusual for the eyes. But not everyone knows different kinds of gemstones come with different kinds of beliefs. There are those which are just normal Aquamarin gemstones and there those which are important enough to be kept and cared of. Now, here are some beliefs that come with some of the gemstones which are still available today, but rare enough to be found.

The Gemstones And The Sun Signs

Some people would wear these gems because of the signs of the sun. Mostly, these people have their own beliefs in which they have to follow and be faithful with. There are also some sects which require every member to wear a certain kind of gem which serve as their protection when the sun comes down. Others have some rituals to be done to sanctify their gems especially during solar eclipse.

The Gemstones And The Birth Date

For the sake of luck, as some people put it, they have to wear some gems basing on their birth date-the month, day and year. This belief is somewhat popular than the first one mentioned here. It is because others, especially the youth, simply wants to wear gemstones because they look really cool. But the essence of belief is not present.

The Gemstones And The Horoscope

Have you read your horoscope today? Well, if you have not, try to do so and look for your lucky stone on it. Print media usually use horoscope as fillers for the unused spaces on their paper. However, some people are just so fanatic to follow what their horoscope tells them to do for that certain day; they will wear the kind of stone prescribed by their horoscope. Their principle is, “Nothing will be lost if I will wear this.”

In the 21st century, people have become less religious but more industrious. Thus, there are people who do not have time to exercise their religious obligation and there are also those who cannot continue what their sect is telling them to do. That will lead us to a conclusion that people are going further and further from their personal beliefs.

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