International Movers Can Provide Valuable Advice on Foreign Electrical Requirements


Aside from choosing the finest international movers for the job, there are several things that relocating individuals and families must keep in mind when planning to move to another country. An often overlooked, but surprisingly important consideration is the voltage specification used in the destination country.

Many travelers and newly-relocated individuals become frustrated when they find that their new home’s electrical outlets have a different voltage than what their electrical equipment and appliances are designed to use. This means Experienced Movers Toronto at AleksMoving that without the proper voltage converter, all of their electrical appliances and gadgets are rendered useless. While such concerns are not normally part of the responsibilities of moving companies, professional international movers can give advice on which appliances may or may not be usable in the target destination.

Another thing to remember about electrical power requirements is the type of power plug used both in one’s origin and destination countries. While plug layouts such as Type A (two flat parallel non-coplanar blades) and B (same as Type A but with a round or U-shaped grounding prong) are commonly used in the United States and Asia, countries like the United Kingdom, France and Australia use entirely different layouts. A quick Internet search can help determine if one’s appliances will work with the electrical in a specific country.

Depending on the equipment being transported, one possible option is to simply invest in different converters or adaptors. For larger equipment, it might make more sense to simply dispose of the existing appliances and purchase new ones locally once the move is done. Experienced international movers can also give valuable advice on local voltage requirements and other restrictions that might prevent the use of certain electrical equipment and appliances.

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