Independent Music Distribution, Secret Strategies For Independent Music Distribution


Independent music distribution has come a long way over the years. With the world being at your fingertips you can find and purchase anything you want online. This has greatly helped artists with their independent music distribution needs.

These days there are a few really good Independent music distribution services that you can use to distribute your music. These services are offered to artists that are independent as well as artists that have record deals. What you need to keep in mind and ask yourself is, how much money can you really afford on distribution? As I’m sure you know things can get pretty expensive when it comes to music equipment and services.

Here is what I suggest you do. Start by recording a killer 3-5-song disc Discover Nigerian Music Artists. Spend your money on a quality recording and make sure you get it mastered by someone who knows what he or she is doing. If you decided that you want put a full-length album together that’s fine too.

Now that the recording is done you need to package it. To start, I would do 1,000 copies. That is usually the minimum you need to order to get a big discount on the duplication. The main purpose of the C/D’s is for you to sell at live shows. This is independent music distribution on an effective but small scale. Nonetheless, you’re selling your music.

Like I said before you have the world at your fingertips with the Internet, so use it for your independent music distribution. If you haven’t done so already build a website for your band. Your band is a business so make your site look professional. Next upload your songs into your sites cPanel. Set up how you would like to sell your music, as an entire album, as singles or both. Then you will need to set up an account with a payment processing company. They are easy to find online and charge a small fee for each purchase.

Now that your independent music distribution system is set up, you are ready to drive potential customers and fans to your site. Promote your band and web page on forums as well as social networking. Start a blog and promote your music on there. Submit articles to online article directories about your album.


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