Choosing a Printer for Your Business Cards


Navigating the web, looking for a quality, reliable printer can be a chore.

Before choosing a supplier for your business cards, decide which level of quality you need.

Business cards come in all shapes and sizes, but the biggest difference from one batch to another is likely to be quality of print and card stock. Here’s a run down of the most common elements you can look for when shopping around for a printing service.

Ask which printing method will be used.

Offset printing is superior to digital printing, therefore a better choice if quality and professionalism are important. Digital printing may be suitable if you just need a handful of cards Printer Near Me quickly. Check they’re using a good stock weight.

310gsm is a great all purpose card stock, and we don’t advise you go any lighter than that as your business card will appear flimsy and cheap. Thicker card with celloglaze coating is more durable and provides a more deluxe look.

Check if your business card will be designed from scratch.

Each business deserves a unique identity, so avoid a printer who uses business card templates and clip art, as you may end up with the same design as your competitor. If design is not included in the printer’s costs, you will need to pay extra for this service, or have your business card designed press-ready for the printer.

Check for value rather than price alone.

Variations in pricing offered by printers can be extreme. You may be tempted to go for the cheapest option, but rather than skimp, look for value. Check the specifications to work out exactly what you’re getting for that price. A little extra cost for a far better quality is money well spent.

Turnaround time for printing and delivery.

Quality printing takes time, so allow at least a week for offset printing and freight, a little longer if you’re in a regional area. In some cases, slower delivery is due to cheap offshore printing. The low price may be tempting, but you may find yourself waiting weeks for your delivery.


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