Best Vape Juice Brands for Cloud Chasers


For cloud chasers, the quest for dense and voluminous vapor is a top priority. To achieve this, selecting the right vape juice with high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content is essential. Several brands have gained a reputation for producing vape juices that cater specifically to cloud chasers. Here are some of the best vape juice brands for those who enjoy chasing massive clouds:

  1. Naked 100: Known for their premium e-liquids, Naked 100 offers a Cloud Chaser series with high VG blends and an array of mouthwatering fruit flavors.
  2. Beard Vape Co: This brand has a dedicated line of MAX VG vape juices, designed to produce thick clouds while maintaining exceptional flavor profiles.
  3. Cloud Nurdz: As the name suggests, Cloud esco bar flavors Nurdz focuses on delivering maximum cloud production with their delicious candy-inspired vape juices.
  4. Jam Monster: Specializing in breakfast-themed e-liquids, Jam Monster’s high VG blends create immense clouds without compromising on taste.
  5. One Hit Wonder: This brand is renowned for its enormous 180ml bottles and high VG formulations, making it a favorite among cloud enthusiasts.
  6. Vapetasia: Vapetasia’s Killer Kustard line is favored by cloud chasers for its smooth and creamy dessert flavors, perfectly suited for dense vapor production.
  7. Ruthless Vapor: With a wide range of flavors and a VG-heavy selection, Ruthless Vapor caters to cloud chasers seeking both quality taste and vapor output.

Remember that cloud chasing often requires more powerful vaping devices and sub-ohm coils to handle the higher VG content. As always, ensure safety by using reputable products, understanding your device’s capabilities, and staying within safe vaping limits. Happy cloud chasing!

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