A business partnership that doesn’t include an asset search is a bit like a going on a blind date that never ends. Sure, they can say nice things and charm you, but you’ll always wonder how well you really know the person sitting across the table. And if you’ve ever dealt with a large sum of money, the sting of a failing relationship might be the only thing that compares to the hopes and dashed dreams of a business deal gone awry.

There are many situations in life where you wish you had known your partner better — and things are no different when you’re making a financial commitment. They’re intertwined. In fact, one of the most common instances an asset search is needed is right before marriage.

Whether it’s your personal or business life, a thorough asset search conducted by a professional can save you plenty of doubt, and can help you immensely as you work to start your relationship off with peace of mind.

What Is An Asset Search?

In an asset investigation, a private investigator or an asset search firm looks into all the assets of a person or entity upon your request. A good firm will also investigate registered and unregistered aliases, corporate names, DBA’s, partnerships, and every other name the subject does business under.

Once there’s a solid base to work from, we investigate property, bank accounts, real estate holdings, credit, trust accounts, vehicles and even PayPal accounts. That’s dynamite information, and it can expose very useful information about a Asset Search person, if the search is carried out properly and professionally. If it isn’t, you’ll get nothing, or worse, you’ll get legal problems. There are many reasons why a person may want to hire asset search services, especially from a private asset investigator. However, some reasons are more common than others. Let’s discuss five of them in detail.

Divorce Litigation

A divorce is a very stressful time for almost everyone who goes through it. The emotional turmoil is painful, but the financial stress can be like torture! Usually, partners are weary of each other hiding assets so they’ll be able to pay less in the final divorce settlement. Really, in a situation like this, the most amicable solution is to hire a private asset investigator together. This is a great show of faith, and when an independent third party can assure everyone involved that nothing is hidden, it’s a great step towards a good faith negotiation.

Child Support

Sure, the court might have ruled in your favor, but your ex-partner might refuse to bring child support to the table. He/she might be refusing to pay on the basis of unemployment or lack of means — and I’ve seen plenty of cases where that’s a genuine hurdle. I’ve also seen plenty of cases where a husband/wife pled poverty while pocketing their weekly check off the record.

In either case, if you are suspicious, a private asset investigator will be able to identify current employment and any hidden bank accounts they might be maintaining. This will help you get child support out of your partner, whether the non-custodial parent feels like paying it or not.

Judgment Recovery

Judgment recovery is a process that’s carried out when a person has been served a judgment from the court for paying off his debt, but the actual payment never takes place. Here, the private investigator comes in, unearths the served person’s assets and then negotiates with him for settlement of his debt. In situations like this, a deep asset check is almost mandatory. Let’s be practical here — if you aren’t doing everything possible to pursue a judgment, there is practically zero chance that the actual payment ever sees daylight. Once his assets have been blocked out and a negotiation takes place, further legal action can be taken if they still refuse to pay.

Business Litigation

Allow me to point out the obvious: trials… are expensive. You might be very right in suing your debtor, but if he doesn’t have the means to pay you back, it will be a pointless exercise in principle that costs you very real money. To save yourself this kind of grief, you can go for an asset search and see what’s being hidden from you. Usually, businesses require dedicated asset searching companies to carry out this task for them, but savvy small businesses and individuals have great success getting specialized PI firms to handle it. Furthermore, using a firm is going to be a good deal more discreet than using an asset searching company.

Disputes Over Private Wills

It is very common to have disagreements over private wills. Fighting between heirs can tear an otherwise copasetic family apart. Usually, the primary heirs feel like they’ve been double crossed or wronged by the executor of will when the results don’t come out to their expectations. Of course, situations like this have an obvious problem: the owner of the will isn’t exactly on hand to testify to the fairness of the operation. In cases like these, everyone involved can save themselves plenty of stress by conducting a thorough asset investigation. Normally, families prefer a private investigator for carrying this out, as they do not want their family disputes publicized.

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