A Better Car Paint Scratch Repair Solution – Paint Protection Film


Nothing can negatively impact the appearance of your car like a car paint scratch. But the good thing is that car paint scratch repair is not that difficult. In fact, you can repair light scratches that are barely noticeable all the way up to deep scratches that go through the surface and down to the metal. Repairing scratches before rust begins to form is important, and most folks can undertake ceramic car coating repair, even if they have very little or no experience in body work. Keep in mind, however, that you will need an orbital polish (which can be purchased at most auto parts stores) to repair anything more than a light scratch if you want professional results.

Car Paint Scratch Repair: Light Scratches

A light scratch is one that cannot be felt when you run your hand over it and that has not cut down into the clear coat of paint that is on the surface of your car. For scratches like this, you can use a mild abrasive rubbing compound applied with a microfiber towel. Simply apply the rubbing compound to the towel and rub the towel back and forth on the scratch. Then rub gently down the length of the scratch. This comprehensive motion will fill the scratch and break down any sharp edges. A few minutes of this gentle, polishing motion will make light scratches disappear. You can then apply car polish to the area to both bring out the shine of the paint and reduce the scratch’s appearance. Rub the polish in a circular motion over the area. Voila! You have just completed the most minor car paint scratch repair and saved yourself some money by going DIY.

Car Paint Scratch Repair: Medium Scratches

Medium scratches are those that can be felt with the hand when it is run over the scratch, but this type of scratch is not scratched all the way through to the metal. A medium scratch goes into the top coat of paint (clear coat) but not the base coat. Since it does not extend into the base coat, touch up paint is not required for this type of car paint scratch repair. To repair this scratch, apply an abrasive rubbing compound to the pad of an orbital polisher, and place it against the scratch, moving the polisher back and forth in a circular motion. Once the scratch is gone, or mostly gone, you can then apply car polish in the same way that you would for a light scratch.

Car Paint Scratch Repair: Deep Scratches

Scratches that cut through your paint job down to the bare metal are deep scratches, and these must be sanded, painted, and polished in order to get repair them. To repair unsightly deep scratches, begin by sanding the scratch lightly, using 300 grit wet/dry auto paint sandpaper. After the scratch begins to feel smooth, you can then apply touch up paint to cover the metal. Next, use a cotton swab or toothpick to apply paint. Build up the paint inside the scratch so that it is slightly higher than the surface of the car. Allow this paint to dry for several hours using an 800 grit wet/dry auto paint sandpaper to sand it until smooth. Complete this car paint scratch repair by following the steps for repairing a light scratch, including using the compound and polish.

Preventing Scratches

Once your repair has been completed, you should take steps to make sure that you don’t get further scratches on your car. The best way to do this is to have paint protection film installed on the car. Paint protection film can keep your paint looking shiny and new and protect you from would-be scratches that can make your car look older than it is.



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